Hi, I'm new here.

Anybody living in Kings Heath cannot escape the parking problems on most roads, especially those close to the High Street.

I'm a plumber, and it's a constant frustration/annoyance that I can't park either close to a customer, or, close to home when I return, with heavy toolboxes to carry. Strikes me that the problem is often the cause of inconsiderate drivers who leave too large a gap when parking, such that they take up two parking spaces. I've often thought of getting cards printed up along the lines of "Learn to park properly and consider your neighbours when denying them a parking space" - or words to that affect, but I imagine leaving such a thing under people's windscreen wipers is classed as some kind of vandalism. Any ideas?

Somethign else which contributes to the parking problems is the number of skips outside houses that are being done up. Fair enough, people need skips, but when they go uncollected for weeks, each one takes up at least two and often three parking spaces as people, reasonably enough, leave a large gap between themselves and a skip which may be being loaded the following day. I suggested many years ago to a local councillor, that some kind of "skip tax" should be brought in - any skip that's not moved after say 7 days, incurs a daily charge - that would motivate householders/landlords/developers to use skips efficiently. The idea was taken on board but nothing came of it. On the 4 minute walk to my corner shop I recently counted 7 skips! - That's 20-odd cars which can't park...


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People parking with a bigger gap isnt always obv.This happens whe one car vacates a space another arrives and leaves a bigger gap.You know the ones,got to get to work dont give a ...and off they run.Then mr careful leaves a big gap coz he's got a new car,and they need more room coz they are valuable and scratch easily.Hey presto,4 spaces 2 cars.

Have you notice the disabled spaces?Well most of them are over hung so the person requiring the space cant get in,but have they got a tkt,course not. Have you seen them pick the skips up?Well I wouldnt park near them,so another gap is needed for swing the skip use.lol Corner parking is a good one,tried to get up them pedestrian crossings at each side of the road?Many a car parks on them coz they are always empty,haha.

All in all I agree with you.I think these roads will soon have to be marked out with bays.Skips should be made to pay a road tax,and parking tickets issued.Fines at first then firing squad!

According to Centro, there are 47 cars per 100 residents in the West Midlands, and rising. This is not sustainable and we have to look at other ways of getting around.

We think our community car club, Co-wheels, will help with parking problems. We are running a (growing) fleet of efficient, low-emission cars, available to our members 24/7 for as little as half an hour at a time. This means people don't need to own so many cars. Generally, one car club car replaces up to 20 privately-owned cars.

We are looking for places to park our new cars in Kings Heath that are near to our members homes but NOT where there are already parking problems. If you would like to get involved in the discussion / suggest some good spots (eg business car parks), please fill in our short survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/6VRT9CH Thanks!

Hi Jim, I also thought of posting cards on peopl's windscreens saying Is you parking pretty? and a bit of an explanation about how it is not. I shared it with Sustrans etc but nothing has come of it.

Will keep trying. Liz

PS Hope you're settling into the area OK.


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