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You asked for improvements to the B14 community website - so here it is. By popular demand.

B14 Kings Heath follows on from the successful, award-winning AboutMyArea/B14- which served the area as a community website for five years.

This new site still delivers a rich supply of local news and information, while providing many more opportunities for you to get involved with the local community online. Existing contributors will find it far easier to add their own content - and we hope many more people will get involved too. There are places to post your own photos, start or join in discussions, invite friends and form groups.

The navigation tabs are across the top of each page. Here's what they do...

Home page

  • This shows a summary of what's going on, local weather, news and recent additions to various parts of the website. In the centre of this page is a summary of recent activity and at the top there's a quick way for you to add a comment, view or anything else - just like many other forms of social media (you can even add your status update to Twitter)
  • About B14 Kings Heath - that's this page
  • Contact form - fill in this form to contact the web editors

Local news and blogs

This is where the editorial team will add local news items and other updates. You can also add your own news item - tell people in Kings Heath what you, your group or your school are up to. You could post regular gardening tips or local history items, review a gig, write a report to say how a local activity went or post a report on your football, cricket or hockey team. The space is yours!

Local info

The drop down menu gives useful information about Kings Heath

  • Links - a list of local groups, venues and organisations on the web
  • Medical services - listing doctors, dentists, chemists and opticians
  • Local politics - local MPs and councillors
  • Planning applications - details of proposals submitted to Birmingham City Council and a chance to object to or support those proposals
  • Local policing - information about the community policing team, meetings and live updates

Local events listings

  • Clicking on the top tab will open up a list of upcoming events. There are other options in the drop-down menu too.
  • Calendar of local events displays the same events in a calendar format
  • Submit an event - fill in this form to ask for your event or events to be added (you need to be signed in to do this)
  • Member events - this is a separate system, for members only, where you can invite other members and/or indicate whether you will attend

Discussion forum

This is where you can have your say on any matter of local interest. Is traffic too fast on the High Street? Do you think Birmingham should have an elected mayor? Are there too many empty shops or takeaways? Join in an existing discussion or start a new thread.

Local photos

Got a photo of your event - or just a general view of a local place of interest - share it here with the rest of the online community

Local businesses

A directory of local businesses - both as a listing and plotted on a local map. There is also a tab for you to request a free listing for your business. (coming later)

Where is Kings Heath? What area do we cover?

A few rules

This site is for the people of Kings Heath, so please stick to local issues when contributing. That doesn't mean anything happening outside the area is banned - but it should be relevant to local people.

Don't post anything that is illegal, offensive or upsetting. Some content will be moderated (ie checked before it is published) We will not tolerate anything that in our view discriminates against or is designed to offend anyone because of their age, sex, race, nationality, disability or sexual orientation. We welcome and encourage debate, but please make it constructive and avoid personal attacks. Anyone posting this sort of stuff may find their access restricted.

Political discussion is good and we'd love to see more people debating how their local community is run.  On the other hand, overt political campaigning may be restricted - especially in the run up to elections (when we will give everyone a fair say and encourage people to vote). The website aims to be balanced and does not support any political party.

Please be careful when sharing any personal information on the web. Click here for advice on how to stay safe online..

Anyone using the site for spamming or posting links to unacceptable third party web content is likely to be banned.

Who runs this site?

You do!  The site has been designed to give local people the opportunity to contribute, comment, discuss and generally have their say. As time goes on, more and more content will be provided by members of the online community.

The site has been built and is edited by Actuality Media. It's not a big money-spinnng venture, we are based in Kings Heath and aim to support the local community. We will offer value for money advertising opportunities to local businesses to help pay for what we do.

We want to support all aspects of the local community, so if your business is doing something newsworthy that's fine - do let us know or post an item online and we'll be happy to share it.  The normal editorial rules of any local media apply, if it's interesting we'll cover it, but please dont expect us to provide free advertising!

Our cookie policy

EU rules have been introduced to make sure websites are more open about any information they collect about you and your activity on the internet. This is usually done by small text files placed on your computer called 'cookies'.  As well as tracking your web activity to target advertising for example, such cookies are widely used to help websites run more smoothly. They help you by storing information about your browser settings, font preferences, log in details etc (but not passwords).

We do not track your activity beyond this site and only use cookies to improve the way this site works and improve your viewing experience. By continuing to use this site, we assume you are happy with this.  You can find full details of our cookie policy here. The page also explains how you can opt out - although this will mean the site does not run so smoothly and some of the functions will stop working for you.

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